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Hey Tom Fulp!! Hey Tom Fulp!!

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Funny crap flash is what makes Newgrounds great, I think you need to understand that. What the hell are you making these 3D animations in. If you are using one of those stupid programs with the premade stuff... Please don't, it's just cheap. If you are using something like Maya or 3D Max, please continue. Pimp phone is pretty amazing though, it's the first thing since B, to be that stupid and past judgement. That amazes me... really.

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Wildolph's Confession 2 Wildolph's Confession 2

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Poor Wildolph.

I feel your pain Wildolph. My fans aren't buying enough of my crap, and I really wanted to move out of my moms garage before christmas... oh well, it's a harsh world we live in...

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CodeRedClock responds:

:( its sad isnt it...

Come Sail Away.... Come Sail Away....

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uber secjsay moveh!

Ctiger responds:

Spank you

Piconjo Besitzen Sie DVD Piconjo Besitzen Sie DVD

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A Piconjo animation worthy of the most upmost praise. That was prefectly done. Animation, sound, graphics the lot. The score of course is complete horse shit. We all know that this is top quality animating, that deserves at LEAST a 4.05. But because of the nature of this flash, people consider it too "disrespectful". Jebus friggin chris, it's Newgrounds for fucks sake. If they can make a ANTI CLOCK CREW collection, I think they should make a ANTI LF/KNOX/ILLWILL collection. The matter of the issue is purely horse shit. This is a great animation, end of story. Continue to produce quality work like this.

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Foamy's Rant IV Foamy's Rant IV

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